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To Be Happy: Why Is It So Difficult?

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The human desire to run behind things that are temporary is frustrating. This whole concept of happiness is one such huge bubble, one we desire but completely baseless. It’s surprising how everyone essentially wants the same thing and tries to be happy in the same way.

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The Concept Of Happiness: To Be Happy

‘Happily Ever After’ is taught to us from a very young age, we grow up carrying that dream. We’re all just 20 or 30-year-olds, sitting with our routine coffee mugs, waiting for a random shower of happiness to pull us up from the sickening misery.

Everybody wants to be happy. This doesn’t depend on your luck or the number of followers you have on Instagram. We all have a different level of sensitivity to events in our lives. Some of us get happy by seeing a random dog on the street but some others stay unbothered through the best of stand-ups.

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The loyal friend – Misery

A constant, everybody wants that too. So while happiness is your fun little affair, misery is your home. The thing with sorrow is that it’s constantly there, sometimes it’s dominant and sometimes it is not. But you can always count on it.

Misery is consuming. It doesn’t numb your mind, it awakens it. You’re open to a whole new pool of neurons you didn’t know existed. Misery stands by you on your worst and best of days and that’s what makes it settling.

Our Irrationality and Why It’s Problematic: To Be Happy

Being humans doesn’t make us superior. We have a brain and super cool nervous system but what good are they without the power of control?
We all know that we have this small little box of happy memories, ones that we cherish. While we have a basement filled on sorrow and anxiety and everything painful. And although we know that happiness is that girl you get a crush on, one who comes close but never really stays, we still follow her every second of the day.

The Real Dilemma Here

So what do we do? What makes happiness so very desirable? Maybe its the fact that it affects you over the layer, just enough to make you feel something. Perhaps because it never really makes you think, it just numbs everything else. Maybe because we’ve hyped it up too much. Or maybe because we have no clue about what we truly want.

A Piece Of Advice: To Be Happy

So maybe misery isn’t all that bad. Maybe our chase for happiness makes us criticize our sad bits. No-one is always happy and that’s the whole essence of it. It’s rare, it needs to be triggered, it’s desirable, it makes you feel good but all of this would mean nothing if it wasn’t temporary and rare.

So maybe don’t run behind your happy moment. Let it find it’s a way to do. Till then, come to terms with what makes you angry or upset or scared. Because at the end of the day, all that matters is all the experiences that act as a brick to build up the monument you are.

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