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A Tibetan bowl is basically a bell in the shape of a bowl that vibrates and produces a low humming tone when struck or played. Alternatively known as Himalayan bowls, they calm and relax the mind and body. Aside from Buddhist monks who have used these bowls for centuries, recently, therapeutics, massage therapists and yoga therapists have also started incorporating these Tibetan singing bowls into their practice and routine. 

The singing bowl can also be made a part of your yoga routine or morning routine before you start the day. Incorporating the singing bowl in the yoga routine will help balancing and breathing techniques and get you in tune with your environment.

About the Tibetan Bowl

They are spiritual medicine, a peaceful alternative to chemicals and drugs. It is very beneficial due to its healing and relaxing properties. Apart from that, they make a wonderful musical instrument as well and can be harmonized with each other during various rituals and ceremonies. They are extremely beneficial as they heal both the body and the mind. Sit on a flat surface with the Tibetan bowl in front of you or place it on your palm. 

Hold it in the palm of your hand and then hold the mallet in the other hand. If possible, you can place the bowl on a cushion or flat surface. A soft surface like the cushion will help the Tibetan bowl vibrate effortlessly and freely without any interruptions. To create the sound, strike the bowl and then press the mallet firmly against the bowl’s outside rim and you will hear a bright and clear tone. Once you have achieved the desired volume and tone keep a steady pressure to keep the sound playing. On striking it will produce clear and solid ringing sounds that reverberate for a prolonged few seconds. The sound created is very peaceful and relaxing. Do not grip the bowl too tightly as it will bounce the stick thus producing a banging noise instead of a calming one.

Pros of the Tibetan Bowl

It provides stress relief through the harmonic and peaceful vibrations that it produces.

There is an improvement in sleep. It helps in lowering blood pressure helps reduce stress levels and promotes blood circulation. It stimulates the immune system. It balances body chakras. They align cell function within the body. Used to heal broken bones. It focuses on the mind and calms the body tension. The bowl promotes wellness and helps in meditations and breathing practices 

Cons of the Tibetan Bowl

There are no specific cons, however, it is difficult to find the right singing bowl. Takes time to perfect the technique to play it. Some may be sensitive to the high-pitched ringing sound. Might not be universally beneficial


Singing bowls come in various types and materials and is even customizable. The value of the bowl depends on the quality of its material and when and where it was made. Some are extremely rare but they all work as promised. This is why Tibetan singing bowls are even still so much in demand and an integral part of meditation.

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