Spiritual Quotes About Life by Carol Jung, Marianne Williamson, and David Burns

spiritual quotes about life

There are thousands of amazing, insightful, life changing spiritual quotes out there. Some can help you, some can hurt you, some are funny, some inspire you, others teach you and some just inspire you. Regardless of who you are or what you are trying to accomplish, spiritual quotes can help you and they are all around us. We just need to tap into the power of our consciousness and use it to help us grow as individuals.

Best Spiritual Quotes about Life

Spiritual Quotes

One of the most powerful spiritual quotes I ever heard was by the late great American author Marianne Williamson. In her book The Pains of Love, she said, “When you love with a whole heart, you’ll find that love is the residue of your success.” Marianne Williamson knew and understood that love has a spiritual essence. She also understood that we all have the ability to create miracles, to fly far above our difficulties and to walk through hell and through the fires with an unfaltering soul. This is because, according to Marianne Williamson, we have the ability to dream.

Marianne Williamson  Quotes

Spiritual Quotes

Marianne Williamson is a giant in the world of spiritual authors of spiritual books, articles and lectures. She had a profound effect on me and on the people that I respect the most. I first heard about her when I was in high school and came across a book that changed my life. It was written by the famous spiritual teacher, Dr. John McDonald, who is an American intuitive and therapist that once healed the wounds of Hitler’s brain.

Spirit Of The Spirit: A Guide To Your Inner Peace

Dr. John McDonald’s book is titled “Spirit Of The Spirit: A Guide To Your Inner Peace”. From this book, I learned about the power of positive thinking, the power of positive affirmation and how emotional intelligence plays an integral part in creating your spiritual experience. From this book and from other spiritual books and from my own personal spiritual journey, I have come to understand that happiness is the only true path to spiritual achievement and happiness is the key to spiritual healing. I want to share with you some of the most popular quotes of happiness.

Spirit of the Tao – Dr. Wayne Dyer

First, from the book; Spirit of the Tao, by Dr. Wayne Dyer, page 53, “Shiva the Giver of all That is seen and unseen brings to mind the image of a reclining deer. The image reminds us that holiness cannot be confined to the external man, but can be reached by going inward.” What a beautiful expression of the truest spiritual nature of life! The expression, “holiness cannot be confined to the external man,” connects the internal person to the inner realization of spirituality, which is holiness.

Healing Happiness – Dr. Mary Calderone

Second, from the book; Healing Happiness, by Dr. Mary Calderone, pages 4-5, “It is important to keep in mind that spiritual growth and happiness are intertwined. There is a distinct connection between the two, one that will help to assure that both you and others benefit from spiritual growth and happiness. Spiritual growth and happiness are closely connected to one another because both involve the process of gaining inner knowledge of your true self. In fact, knowing your true self enhances your ability to love and be loved.” Spiritual healing happiness enhances the process of spiritual growth and is the key to spiritual healing.

Healing Through Humor – Dr. David Burns

Third, from the book, Healing Through Humor, by Dr. David Burns, “When people talk about happiness, they use a variety of phrases, including ‘happiness is a habit,’ ‘happiness is the result of individual choice,’ or ‘happiness is the fruit of individual effort.’ The truth is that, for many people, the definition of happiness has changed over the years. Nowadays, most people agree that true happiness is the result of personal effort – individually chosen and directed toward personal well-being.” Spiritual healing happiness is the key to spiritual healing.


These three books have wonderful resources to assist those who are seeking the path to real healing and joy. Healing with Humor by Carol Jung; Healing with Rome by Marianne Williamson; and Healing with Unconditional Love by Dr. David Burns all present unique perspectives on how to develop a spiritual practice centered on the self, the family, and the community. Each author presents her/his unique take on the universal question of “what is good and true.” Hopefully, these spiritual books will assist you in developing your own personal philosophy of true values and happiness.

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