Spiritual Gifts Mercy For Christian Beginners

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Mercy is one of the seven spiritual gifts mentioned in the Book of Romans. That’s why it’s important to know more about spiritual gifts mercy has been giving us, in order to be truly Christians. God’s mercy is a gift that all of us must develop in order to attain salvation through his son, Jesus.

Explaining Mercy As A Spiritual Gift

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Motivational spiritual gift represents God’s works to shape his life and motivate his actions. Romans 12:3-8 explains such motivations as God’s act for each of us. Also, through motivation, God expects us to be aware of needs and fulfill them. Then, using the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we must share these blessings to others as much as possible.

Each believer’s attitude depends on factors such as background, age, temperament, and culture. However, its not unusual for people sharing the same motivational gift to reach the common goal. Below are the typical characteristics manifested by those who have motivational gifts of mercy.


Any merciful person has some motivational drive in order to respond to the spiritual needs of others. Those who have this blessing have a capability to know whether someone is hurt and would respond with love and understanding. Being aware of your emotional surrounding is a concrete sign that you’ve been granted spiritual gifts of mercy.

A mature mercy-giver should be kind and gentle to other people. Also, they must also easily discern the emotional experiences around them. However, a mercy-giver should be aware the spirituality isn’t a textbook analysis but rather a confirmation of God’s presence in our lives. Therefore, he must be interested in learning multiple religious doctrines in order to act and demonstrate it to others. Moreover, since merciful people form the backbone of the prayer power of the Catholic Church, they must pray regularly to form a healthy bond with God. 

Mercy’s Strengths And Weaknesses

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Since it’s God-given, it can grant you a sense of knowing a particular person’s spirit and atmosphere among the group. Especially when you’re inspired by the Holy Spirit, it can help you reach out with those who are suffering. Aside from that, they tend to be drawn with the unlovable peers such as the elderly, seriously ill, handicapped, and the outcast. Overall, they are sensitive people who are ready to help other people in times of need. 

However, even a mercy has some weaknesses. They are prone to be indecisive and often become rescuers of those who do not need to be rescued in the first place. Also, since they try to avoid conflict of any kind, they often avoid arguments that are sometimes needed. Most mercy-givers would rather avoid enemies than confront them, which can lead to more troubles sometimes. Lastly, they are prone to develop poor self-image since mercy-giving people are often introspective that makes them acutely aware of their failures.


To live a more Christian life, it is vital to know one of the seven spiritual gifts which is the gift of mercy. It is God’s plan for us to help others and bring us closer to Him.

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