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The spirit realm is the source of power for all spirits. All entities with self-awareness are governed by this law. As long as they abide by the rules, nobody can strike them down. If you obey the law, then there will be no problem even if you don’t follow any other religion or dogma; but if you break it, you will be punished, your spirit will wither and die, and you won’t be able to do anything.

Law Of The Spirit Realm

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The law of the spirit realm is that all spirits must obey the laws of the spirit realm. Spirits that break the law are punished, and their will is subjugated to that of the lawgiver. This is the law that governs all spirits. It was introduced by the God of Language to all languages and is enforced justly without prejudice or bias. It’s not just entities with self-awareness that are governed by this law. Some spirits have no self-awareness such as nature, fire, electricity, lightning, etc., that are also governed by this law.

Breaking The Law Of The Spirit Realm

“Who would break this law of the spirit realm?” you ask. There are several reasons for someone to break it: 1) If a powerful being with self-awareness wants more power 2) If a powerful being with self-awareness wants to subjugate all of the beings in the spirit realm 3) If a being that is not self-aware and has no will of its wishes to break this law 4) If someone without any power wishes to break this law.


The first case is when an entity with self-awareness wishes to gain power. It becomes stronger by subjugating spirits, and that allows it to grow even more powerful than before.

The second case is where an entity with self-awareness wishes to subjugate all of the entities in the spirit realm. That way, no one will ever be able to challenge it again; it can become truly omnipotent.

The third case is where an entity with no self-awareness wishes to break the law. This happens when someone falls into temptation and abuses their power or if they are being used by someone else who wants to cause harm to other spirits. There are also some cases where a powerful being assumes that all entities should be subjugated because it has more power than everyone else. But this is nothing more than a false assumption. Power is not everything in the spirit realm: if you have power and use it to help people, then your actions will be praised, but if you only try to gain power and look down on people, then nobody will follow you except for those who don’t know any better. But even if they follow you, your power will be limited by the number of people who are with you.


The spirit realm is a mysterious and powerful place in the universe. As long as you abide by its laws, your power will never be limited or diminished. However, if you break any of these laws, then there will come consequences that are not easy to bear. The three main cases where someone would break this law are when they want more power for themselves, when they wish to subjugate all spirits into servitude under their own rule or when an entity without self-awareness breaks it out of temptation. If you have questions about what constitutes breaking the law in each case and how it may affect you going forward with your plans for success in life and business – don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team has plenty of experience helping people navigate complex religious laws to increase their success.

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