Spirit Animals and the Magical Properties of Them

what is a spirit animal

A Spirit Animal, or more commonly known as an edifice, or spirit animal, is a non-human animal that possesses special psychic or other supernatural powers. They offer guidance, knowledge, and aid. They are also called their medicine in Native American traditions and shamanism. They often act as the intermediary between the physical world and the other worlds, sometimes taking the form of a goat or dog.

In ancient Egypt, the term for what is a spirit animal, was mummification. When someone died in ancient Egypt, they were put into mummification, which sometimes involved being wrapped in a rug or blanket and kept inside a confined room. Sometimes, the person would be put into a sarcophagus and drawers were created to store the remains. The individual’s spirit guides the animal through its journey through the afterlife.

An Overview

A small brown animal in the grass

In Christianity, what is a spirit animal is believed to be resurrected Jesus, God, or Buddha. These individuals are considered to be pure spirit, unlike the fallen angels, who are considered to be evil. Animals associated with these entities include the wolf, the peacock, dolphin, and the raven. Some animal forms of what is a spirit animal are considered to be most powerful and respected than the rest. Examples include the lion, the eagle, the fish, the dragon, the horse, the hare, and the rat.

The wolf is considered to be a spirit guide because of its status as a pack animal. Wolves hunt in packs and can lead others to safety. When wolves die, they leave behind their pack to find peace and eventually become a spirit guide. In some cases, if a person is willing to follow a wolf, they may find themselves surrounded bywolves.

In ancient times, medicine men used to consult the ancients when there was a sickness or disease that they felt would affect a person. Many of these animals are still used today. A medicine man may take the form of an animal. There are even medicine men that have been known to take on the form of dogs.

Spirit Animals and Magic Properties

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The peacock is considered to be one of the most delicate spirit animals. This bird has great love and compassion for those who are in need. Peacocks fly through the nighttime when the sun does not shine and they wait patiently for hours outside a building or under a bush. Some believe that a peacock is a symbol of hope and happiness.

Dolphins are another example of spirit animals. Dolphins teach us many things about how to live and love. Many cultures from around the world view dolphins as angels. This animal is very gentle and will teach you how to live as well as love.

The ghost, being feared by many, was also considered by some ancient Egyptian’s to be a protective spirit animal. People who served the Egyptian gods were not allowed to cross over with their bodies. Instead they were confined to keep their souls in the temples where they waited to be purified. They were believed to haunt the temple at night and would then lead us through their realm.

Some other animals and spirits that were believed to exist in the heavens are the cats, dogs, and bunnies. Cats were said to be a domesticated form of the wild cats of ancient times. They were believed to be protective and friendly towards humans. The Egyptians were known to honor the cat god by using many cat statues and cat figurines.

Bottom Line

One of the most common animal forms that can be associated with a spirit animal is the ghost. Some ancient Egyptian mummification rituals had the dead bodies of animals placed inside of pots and then the pots were placed inside of decorated pots made of iron. Sometimes the body of an animal would just be wrapped in a blanket and decorated as well. The animal skin would be sewn together to create a robe that the spirit of the animal would wear. Many ancient Egyptian mummies have been discovered that contained the remains of animals.

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