Signs That You are Blessed with Spiritual Discernment

spiritual discernment


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Spiritual discernment is the ability to see things as they are and to understand the truth. It is also the ability to make wise decisions based on what you know. A sign that you are blessed with spiritual discernment is being able to see the good intentions in others, even if they are wrong. Another indication of having this gift is being able to know when God is working through someone else. It could be a person who prays for you or someone who offers advice or help. You automatically have an energetic bond with this person and sense the “God-energy”.

Instinctive Feelings:

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Spiritual discernment also involves having a heightened awareness of your feelings or thoughts for no apparent reason, and then suddenly knowing something to be true. You feel it through your whole being that what you are thinking or feeling at that point is right. Some people have experienced this when they have suddenly realised they are being deceived by someone close to them, but could never understand how they knew until later when things fell into place. This happened because their instincts were telling them something was wrong earlier on but their mind overruled it for whatever reason.

Human Reasoning:

Spiritual discernment also involves having an understanding of the world that goes beyond human reasoning (i.e., ideas that go against “logic”). It often results in seeing past outer appearances to what is happening behind the scenes, the so-called “bigger picture”. Those who have this gift usually see life as one big learning experience for everyone involved, whether incarnated souls or higher beings. They don’t get caught up in “blaming” or “punishing” anyone because they recognize everyone’s role. They also don’t see life as a game of winners and losers, but rather an opportunity for spiritual advancement for all involved.


Although spiritual discernment can result in having greater understanding than others, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are wiser than them (those without this gift may be more grounded). What sets someone with this ability apart is that they know how to use their insights wisely. Wisdom requires combining the ability to see what’s happening with the knowledge that is useful for personal reasons or to help others. Those who have this gift usually know instinctively when to act on their insights and when not to, or if not at all! Often it will feel wrong inside to act on something you sense, usually because these insights come in layers and with other information that’s useful for your whole life.

Ability to read between the lines:

Being able to read between the lines (including the physical) is another sign of having spiritual discernment. This can mean realizing what was left out of a conversation; something someone failed to mention; what the true motive behind an action was, and even noticing when something’s “off” about a place before anything bad happens. Those who have this gift also tend to see things that are hidden in plain sight, including clues from nature or signs from animals. It isn’t so much them being psychic as they can tune into subtle thoughts and energy fields around us all.


Having dreams that come true often points towards having spiritualment, since you have intuitions that go beyond the physical. In other words, you dream about things that are going to take place before they happen, and when you see them come true. Although it may be a casual event at first, there will be times when your dreams show you something important related to your life path. Those who have this gift also tend to be very good with numbers and symbols, which serve as a bridge between our 3-D reality and the spiritual realm.


Living in an increasingly complex society, it is often easy to forget how interconnected everything is. We are all connected, spiritually and physically, with one another and the universe at large. Our surroundings may seem like nothing more than random chaos but, once you learn to listen to your inner voice, you will find there is no such thing as “coincidence.” Everything happens for a reason; every single person who enters your life comes along for specific reasons, and every experience (good or bad) teaches us something essential about ourselves.

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