Self Love: How To Achieve It

Powerful Steps To Do Self Love

Self love is an art to love yourself in order to live happy and healthier.Self love is a way of not judging yourself harshly and feeling guilty for every mistake you commit, or someone has done work better than you. Self love is associated with:
Feeling more optimistic
Stress Free life
Reduce anxiety and depression
Behavior changes
Self love affects our three major facets.

Powerful Steps To Do Self Love
Powerful Steps To Do Self Love

Mindfulness:  It you have an open, non-judging attitude, no negative feeling about yourself, and curiosity with learning attitude will help you achieve your goal. Healthy mindset and self love for yourself is essential for happy life.

Self-kindness: Treating yourself gently and have kind emotions for you will help you live better life. Always be positive and treat yourself the same way you treat your friends and family.

Humanity: Making mistakes is the err of human and learning from them will guide you towards great life. Humans are not perfect, you should accept the fact and don’t expect to act flawlessly.

Self-compassion transforms the way you treat your relationship with them. It is more effective in changing your behavior than motivation. Self-criticism will lead to disrupt in the inner peace and feeling of giving up, while self-love brings hope and make you to trust yourself. To do more self love to yourself, try to follow these steps:

Powerful Steps To Do Self Love
Powerful Steps To Do Self Love

Accept You Have Emotional distress

Try to accept the fact that something is happening wrong. Have positive attitude and try to pay attention towards your inner experience so you come across the point when you are going in negative state. This will help you to know the moment of distress and how to react in the situation. Always believe in yourself and accept realistic situations. The negative thought wandering in your mind will lead to increase in anxiety, sadness, or anger in you. You may feel the pain in your body, chest etc.

Imagine If Somebody Else Suffering From same

Imagine the circumstances when your loved one or family member is suffering from sadness, fear, deep depression. What you will do to comfort them. You show compassion and try to bring them out of the situation. Feel the same way for you when you are going through the same trauma. Self love will help you to come out of the situation which creates unrest and discomfort in your life.

Challenge Negativity

If you are feeling guilty and bad for your mistakes, you will not be able to love yourself. Try to recapture the whole scenario .Is really you are guilty? Is it right to feel bad for your mistakes?
Try to learn from your mistakes and forgive all. Learning will help you to avoid such circumstances again. Self love will make you to feel comfortable and less stressed. Guilt will create unrest in your inner peace, to overcome it.

 Self-talk To Encourage

You should always focus on the positive aspects of the things which you are doing and also negative ones for not committing same again. Behave behavior change is a slow process you should accept and encourage yourself. Always talk with your inner peace to feel loved.

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