Personal Growth: Learn The 5 Stages -

Personal Growth: Learn The 5 Stages

5 Crucial Stages Of Personal Growth

Personal growth has few early important stages in our lives and that may seem a bit difficult at first, but it will get easier over time. Similarly, when we grow up physically and socially, we give ourselves permission to know everything right now. There are many stages of this thing and they differ from person to person. We are constantly learning lessons and growing through them and when you give yourself permission to muster up everything, you should learn in what process you are now. We have talked about the five stages of your mental growth, so keep reading.

5 Crucial Stages Of Personal Growth
5 Crucial Stages Of Personal Growth

1-Sleep Contributing To Personal Growth

First of all, you are not asleep right now, you have left that phase in the past. Now that you are reading my words, you think you are not asleep. However, not every time that is the case. Sometimes people sleep with eyes wide open that happens when you play the victim of a situation. You assume that you have no power to change the things. Sometimes people place blame, neuroticism, fear, and lack of fulfillment, etc. That is also a sign of being asleep.

2-Awakening State

Sometimes we expect too much that we don’t even know if we can fulfill our expectations or not. It does not only happen with yourself, you expect too much from others too. And when you face the ultimate result of that expectation (disappointment), you finally awake yourself and ask, “why is this happening?” And that is where you start looking for an answer and you find out that you have to accept both, exciting things and the difficult ones.

3-Integration Of Learning

The integration page takes us from the learning stage to taking action stage. You may feel like you have gathered so many information about life but are unable to reflect them to the things you are doing. It is the real time to come out of your box and make things happen in outside your head. Awareness does not perform entirely for transformation and you need to let go of your old behavior system and update it into a new one.


Once you learn new things and change your habits to turn your life into a new way, you are beginning to accept. However, there is no need for thinking that you are a completely new human being. You are not, you are just an updated version of yourself. Make this mentality that you should not fight with your reality. You should either go with the flow and accept it or change it.

5 Crucial Stages Of Personal Growth
5 Crucial Stages Of Personal Growth

5-Personal Growth Application

This is the most crucial stage of your personal growth. Here you need to apply all the things you have learned in the 4 earlier stages. And most importantly, you need to keep patience. Once you get accustomed to this stage, you will learn that there will come so many opportunities and you need to grab each of them. You can’t let one single opportunity slip away from your hand because you will never know how far it can lead you.

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