Noble Teachings Of Siddhartha Gautama – Everyone Knows About Karma But Did You Already Hear About Dharma

Siddhartha Gautama, an Indian Prince who always lived in his palace’s comforts, knew nothing about worldly problems. When he went out from his palace for the first time, he saw a monk begging for alms, a funeral procession, and an old aged man. After watching so many problems among the people, he decided to leave the comforts of his palace. He wandered for seven years after leaving his palace. Then, he got enlightened after sitting under a bodhi tree for seven days. All the knowledge he spread is so useful that it will help you in living a great life. He told humanity about the four noble truths of life. After knowing about the teachings of Siddhartha, you will become wise and mindful. It will make you aware of actions and thoughts and how to live a moral life.

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