Gifts of the Holy Spirit – What Are They

gifts of the holy spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit can be likened to the sun in the garden of Eden. They constantly shine forth and provide light, hope, and comfort for all mankind. They have the power of healing, of spreading happiness and joy, and of defeating every form of evil. Without them, humanity would cease to exist. The gift of the Holy Ghost is the reason why Christ was sent into the world in the flesh.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit certainly have an effect on the lives of all who receive them and on the destiny of believers. Every believer has the power to speak with angels, to cast out demons, to heal the sick, to cast out evil spirits, and to foretell future events. He can also have supernatural visions, communicate with the dead, and possess the gifts of prophecy and revelation. There is also a certain power which enables all believers to overcome trials and persevere through difficulties.

An Overview

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The seventh spiritual gift of the Holy Ghost is called the “charisma” or “spiritual character.” This is also what the early Church fathers called the “favors of God’s elect.” It is therefore considered one of the most important gifts of the Holy Ghost. It is not just about learning new spiritual truths and disciplines, but rather about acquiring new, extra-ordinary ways of living.

These gifts were revealed to the Church fathers long before the birth of Christ. The first corinthians chapter thirteen reveals that the Holy Ghost will guide the Church after his ascension. He will tell the Church fathers everything that he has revealed, and he will instruct them in all matters pertaining to the Church. These revelations are always true, even if some of them seem strange or difficult to understand at first. Only through the Gift of Prophecy can the fullness of God’s love be fully experienced.

However, there are other spiritual gifts apart from the Gift of Prophecy. The New Testament specifically mentions twelve gifts: the gifts of healing, exhortation, discerning, love, wisdom, Word of knowledge, public anointing, laying on of hands, prophecy, knowledge and utterance of God, and knowledge concerning the things of God. Therefore, we could also speak of the twelve gifts of the Holy Spirit. These twelve gifts were revealed for the express purpose of enabling Christians to build unto themselves a firm and permanent spiritual kingdom in the heavenly realms.

Gifts of Holy Spirit

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This new testament reveals that there is need for all believers to make special efforts so that they may be enabled to bring to pass the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Through the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost, those who receive them can have the ability and authority to work and perform the works of faith. In addition, he is capable of healing the wounds of those that are pierced. He manifests the righteous anger of God against those who are unrepentant.

When believers persevere through the course of the New Testament period, they will experience the fullness of prophecy. In fact, Pentecost has a unique and distinguished way of presenting the gift of prophecy. For example, when Jesus Christ appeared to the woman at the well in Samaria, He openly gave her a prophecy of what would occur between him and her in the future. Thereafter, He told her not to speak to anyone else but to speak only to him, for he would deliver her from the repulse of evil.

There are also many instances throughout the New Testament where the Gift of the Holy Spirit was manifestly manifested in the form of healing. For instance, when the disciples went into the synagogue to celebrate the Passover, many women passed away due to the illness that had come upon them. The next morning, as they were entering their synagogue to celebrate the holiday, Jesus told them that while they were there they should not catch colds nor faint. Instead, they should go and wash their hands, since they had not done anything worth mentioning before their departure. While this may seem like an exceptionally minor detail, it represented a new direction in the ministry of the Holy Ghost.

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