Gifts Of The Holy Spirit – The Astrological Perspectives To Learn

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Those who receive the sacrament of confirmation receive seven gifts from the Holy Spirit. While some Christians regard them as a comprehensive list of precise characteristics, others see them as illustrations of the Holy Spirit’s activity through the faithful. These seven talents are given to initiates at Baptism and enhanced at Confirmation, according to Roman Catholics, so that they might preach the faith’s truths.

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

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Wisdom: We also witness God at work in our lives and the world when we have the gift of wisdom. The wonders of nature, historical events, and the ups and downs of our existence take on new significance for the wise person. The issues of truth judgment and being able to view the entire picture of God. We regard God as our Father and treat others with respect. Finally, the ability to recognize God in everyone and everything.

Understanding: When we understand something, we may see how we should act as Christians. A person who understands is not perplexed by all of our culture’s contradictory signals about how to live. Understanding is a gift that enhances a person’s speculative reason in the pursuit of truth. According to Aquinas, it is the gift of knowing self-evident principles.

Counsel (Right Judgment): We know the difference between right and wrong when we have the gift of counsel/right judgment, and we choose to do what is right. A person who has good judgment avoids sin and demonstrates the principles that Jesus taught. The gift of knowledge enables a person to respond wisely and joyfully to our Lord Jesus Christ.

More Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

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Fortitude (Courage): As followers of Jesus Christ, we conquer our fear and are willing to accept risks because of the gift of fortitude/courage. Courage is a talent that permits individuals to have the firmness of mind that is necessary both in performing good and in suffering bad, especially when dealing with challenging goods or evils, like Joan of Arc, did.

We grasp the meaning of God because of the gift of knowledge. The gift of knowledge is more than just a tally of facts.

Piety (Reverence): We have a strong feeling of regard for God and the church when we have the gift of reverence, also known as piety. A reverent individual understands our complete reliance on God and approaches Him with humility, trust, and love. Piety, according to Aquinas, is the gift by which we pay adoration and obligation to God as our Father at the initiative of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord’s Fear (Wonder and Awe): We are conscious of God’s splendor and majesty because of the gift of fear of the Lord. God is the perfection of what we desire: perfect knowledge, perfect kindness, perfect power, and perfect love, according to a person filled with amazement and awe. Aquinas describes this gift as a fear of being separated from God. He characterizes the gift as a “filial dread,” similar to a child’s fear of upsetting his parent, as opposed to a “servile fear,” or a fear of punishment.


Knowing God is all-powerful is another name for it. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge because it aligns our worldview with God: we are limited, dependent creatures, and He is the infinite, all-powerful Creator.

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