Easy 3 Steps To Grasp About Mindfulness Meditation

Easy 3 Steps To Grasp About Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness Meditation is a state of mind where you are still and stillness reigns supreme. Mindfulness is about allowing yourself to experience things from a perspective of your own inner self and not from the perspective of someone else. It is about being at one with everything that is occurring in the present moment experience of mind and body.

Mindfulness is about being present and accepting what’s happening within and around you at all times without judgment. It’s about taking things in at their essence without trying to make meaning out of anything.

About Mindfulness Meditation
About Mindfulness Meditation

Simple Awareness

Mindfulness allows you to be still and open to what’s happening around you. It can be done through meditation, but it can also be achieved through a simple awareness of what’s happening. To put the state of mind to use, the following will show you what you need to do to begin and then keep up a mindfulness meditation. Here you will learn some simple techniques you can use on a daily basis to achieve a mindfulness meditation on a deeper level.

Hold your breath, and do so for about one minute before taking it away. This simple exercise will help you gain greater receptivity to what’s going on in your mind and body.

Make A List

Make a list of every thought, feeling, idea and sensation that enter your mind. Imagine it as though it were just there and that it is real. The next time you notice the thought, feel it deeply and mentally, but don’t try to make sense out of it or judge it. Keep it for only a few seconds before you move on to the next one.

Focus on something that makes you smile and laugh. The more you laugh the more the mind and body relax, so try and be funny, positive and relaxed.

Grab Something

Grab something you want to grab or hold onto and hold it for a moment, before releasing it. When you release it, feel a little dizzy and nauseous for a short moment, just for the moment. Keep doing this until you have reached a state where you are totally in the moment.

Once you have been in this state for a while, slowly bring back into the consciousness of the thing you wanted to grab or hold onto and notice the difference in your body, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Try to make a note of the difference and see what made you move towards or away from it.

In other words, your conscious mind is telling your subconscious mind how you are feeling, and the subconscious is telling your conscious mind how you feel. If the subconscious says that you are happy, that it is relaxing, that you are enjoying yourself, then you are enjoying yourself, and feeling relaxed.

The next time you want to think positive thoughts, focus on them intensely until they become real and strong enough to hold you in place. Take note of the things around you and the feelings you experience.

Tips To Grasp Mindfulness Meditation
Tips To Grasp Mindfulness Meditation

You need to keep this state of awareness on a deep level in order to change the way you are thinking. You must have an awareness of what you’re thinking and feeling before you can change it.

One way to change your thoughts and feelings is to listen to your body. Let your heart beat and your mind relax and feel the vibrations of your heart beat and mind.

Final Verdict

Listen to the music that’s playing and the smells that are present. If there is anything that comes across your mind, then allow it to go away or just listen to it.While in this state of relaxation, be careful not to take too much in. Do not forget to breathe, to keep in contact with the present.

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