Depression Symptoms And Warning Signs

Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs

Depression is a mental state on which we have feelings of hopelessness and despair. Facing ups and downs is a normal part of life, but when emotions get hold of us, and we are unable to come out of it, then you may be suffering from depression. You start feeling sad and inactive for life’s struggles and setbacks. Depression changes mental as well as the physical state of your mind, your thoughts, feelings, and function in daily activities. It will slowly change your ability to work, study, eat, sleep, and enjoy life. 

While many people feel anxiety “living in a dark black hole” or feeling lower self-worth, others feel lonely, without purpose, and hopeless. If your symptoms worsen and are left untreated, it will become a severe problem. In the case of men, one can feel angry and restless. You have to keep in mind that helplessness and hopelessness are some of the symptoms, but the actual situation may differ.

Depression is treatable, and you can get better no matter how much hopeless you are. By knowing the reason and exact cause of your depression and understanding different symptoms and types of depression, you can help yourself in overcoming your illness and feel better.

Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs
Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs

Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is an illness which is personality-oriented and varies from person to person; still, there are some common signs and symptoms. It’s important to recognize that these symptoms are also a part of normal life lows. But if you have more symptoms and they are growing and lasting long, then it’s of the sign of having depression.

Common symptoms:

1.    Strong feelings of sadness and emptiness. Nothing is going to be better, and nobody can improve the situation.

2.    You lose interest or face difficulty in performing daily activities. You don’t feel pleasure and joyous in doing any of the activities like hobbies, roaming, etc.

3.    Weight change. Sudden loss of weight or gain.

4.    Sleeping pattern. Facing difficulty in sleeping or suffering from insomnia. Feeling of oversleeping.

5.    Feeling agitated or irritated. Restlessness or anger management. You are becoming less tolerant and short temper.

6.    Feeling tired, sleepy, fatigued, and physically drained. You feel exhausted and without energy.

7.    Strong feelings of self worthlessness or losing self-respect. Feeling guilty or culprit.

8.    You try to escape and engage in alcoholic activities, abusive world.

9.    Not able to focus, losing concentration or remembering things.

10.    Increase in physical problems such as headaches, aching body, and stomach pain.

Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs
Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs

Suicide Risk

It drains your happiness, and you feel empty. It is a major cause of suicide attempts. The deep wounds generating from hopelessness and sadness due to depression can make you feel suicidal. Make you think that it is the only way to escape from pain. If your loved one is suffering from depression and on the verge of suicide, you should watch for the warning signs:

1.    Talking about harming one’s self

2.    Expressing feelings of loneliness and despair.

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