Create an Ambiance for Emotional Calming and Healing to Once Self to Be as Unique as You Are!

After what all has happened in 2020 and still going on in the present year, we all need a long break of relaxation to get rid of all the stressful events we went through. You might have heard about healing therapies or therapists who are trained in healing people through sounds and vibrations. 

Everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves as well. That’s why it makes sense that sound frequency impacts how we feel. A particular song or music that brings specific emotions from us is an example that frequency does have an impact on us. 

Sound healing is an ancient healing technique that has gained popularity in recent years. It works by bringing your body into a state of vibration, harmony, and balance. This therapy takes place while you stay cozy in your bed or sit straight in your cozy bed. Anywhere where you feel relaxed and comfortable, this therapy can be done. After that, you listen to the sound and vibration coming out of a certain instrument. 

Such a sound healing instrument is the Tibetan copper bowl which is the most common and popular one among other instruments. 

Handmade Therapeutic Tibetan Copper Bowl

A Tibetan therapeutic bowl, also known as the singing bowl, is a type of bowl that produces a deep, rich tone when played along with vibration. For a very long time, Buddhist monks have been using these bowls for meditation practice. 

Many theories say that the vibration Tibetan copper bowl produces the mind and body. The vibration impacts the brainwave to induce relaxation. In Tibetan culture, sound therapy also involves clapping and singing for ceremonial and health purposes.


  • Brand Name: Meigar
  • Material: Copper
  • Regional Feature: China
  • Theme: Buddhism
  • Type: Buddhist Bowl
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  • The material used in making this traditional Tibetan bowl is copper. 
  • This bowl will make a great display in any room, especially for themed ones. 
  • The singing sound that the bowl makes lingers has a relaxing and long effect. 
  • This traditional bowl is usually used in meditation and can help release stress. 
  • As the Tibetan copper bowl is linked to decreased tension and anxiety, it helps in improving sleep. 
  • The vibration and sound of this bowl also help in stress relief, lowering blood pressure, and reducing depression. 
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  • Only people with good vibration therapeutic knowledge will be able to use this bowl correctly.
  • Noise and vibrations in some instances may cause seizures. 


Try this spiritual way of healing yourself without getting addicted to any medication that might lead you to side effects. Tibetan vibration therapy is all you need to cure your depression, sleep disorder, anxiety, etc. Just a few sessions of vibration therapies will help you to get your normal mental peace back. So you should get this Tibetan therapeutic copper bowl today itself.

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