Body Language: 10 Examples And Their Potential Meaning

10 Body Language Examples And Their Potential Meaning

Body language refers to communicating in a non-verbal way and the meaning of that conversation depends on verbal communication. Body language includes so many things like your eye contact, posture, body movements, hand gestures, your tone, and volume of voice, microexpressions, your facial expression, etc. All of these together build up some meanings that our audiences understand or mean to understand.

10 Body Language Examples And Their Potential Meaning
Body Language: 10 Examples And Their Potential Meaning

The Power Of Physical Gestures Via Body Language

You can get what you want without using words. Your physical gesture is so important that it can even get you a job, help you win an argument, start a relationship, do what you want. Similarly, negative physical gestures can keep you from good things in life. Here are the top 10 examples that are most common.

1-Arms Crossed Across The Chest

Crossing arms when you are sitting or standing indicates you are stubborn and defensive. Don’t do this during your job interviews.


There are so many types of smiles and each of them holds different meanings. Smiles like happy smiles, shy smiles, warm smiles, and ironic smiles depend on your intentions and the opposition will know what’s is going on in your mind (well, in that case, your opposition need to be smart).

3-Tapping Fingers

Tapping your finger on a table or on the surface means you are either impatient or nervous.

4-Tilting Head To One Side

When you tilt your head one side, it means you are deeply listening to the other person and concentrating hard.

5-Fingers Steepling

Holding your fingertips together at the same time, keeping your palms out indicates that you have the total influence and power. You will see politicians using this gesture to indicating that they are fully in charge.

6-Legs Crossing

In the way you cross your legs, psychologists say that it shows how you are feeling at that moment. If you are crossing them at an angle it shows you are hiding something. If you cross them at your knee and at the same time keep that point away from the other person, then you are uncomfortable.

7-Pulling Ear

Tugging your ear means you are trying to come up with a decision but you are not yet sure.

8-Your Head Is In Your Hand

It means you are either bored or worried, and you cannot hold your head anymore. It can also show that you are confused or embarrassed. And you don’t appear to show your face.

9-Standing Up Straight

Standing up with a nice positive gesture shows that you are confident. Keep this posture during job interviews or when you are talking with your new date.

10-Hands Open & Palms Up

What you do with your hands has something to do whether people can trust you or not. Show them your hands are open with palms up, that you have nothing to hide from them.

10 Body Language Examples And Their Potential Meaning
10 Body Language Examples And Their Potential Meaning

These are some positive and negative body language examples that will help you know what others are indicating. However, these examples are not limited to it, and there are many ways you can read a person. Read our other posts to know how.

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