10 Spiritual Gifts in the Bible

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There are spiritual gifts in the Bible that are given by the Holy Spirit. These gifts provide the receiver the unique abilities to be able to serve the Lord. These gifts are mentioned in different books in the Bible; here are examples of spiritual gifts:



This gift pertains to the ability to be able to distinguish which is which. With this gift, you can recognize good from evil and determine the difference between God and Satan’s influence. 

Humans are gifted with discernment. Therefore, among all species in the world, humans are more capable to be aware of their actions. Thus, in every move one will make, they have an option to discern and think what is right and wrong.



The Holy Spirit gives Christians the spiritual gift of evangelism to spread the word of God. They are given the strength to accept rejection and not to stop telling others about the Lord.


Christians do not always have strong faith. This is why they are given this gift to empower people’s faith and have the courage to stay with the Lord.


The gift of faith is given to Christians for them to have confidence in building the Church. They firmly believe that God is almighty and powerful. Having a strong faith in God is one of the most powerful things humans can have. With faith, according to the Bible, nothing is impossible.


The Holy Spirit bestows this gift to members of the Church who has the heart to help others. They will be willing to share blessings sincerely and would always think of others. Even when you don’t have that much to give, Jesus encourages everyone to help others who are much in need. Give regardless you are bountiful or not.


Christians who are given the gift of Healing are not expected to be able to heal diseases. However, they have the capabilities to be able to heal those who are spiritually ill. They pray for the wellness of others. Praying is also another way of healing, and it is the most powerful type of healing that exists in this world.


The Church needs someone who will be able to aid its members to be closer to God. This spiritual gift in the Bible is given to chosen ones who will have the ability to lead the members of the Church to have a deeper connection with the Lord.


Knowledge is not only about knowing the Bible but being able to understand it. With the gift of Knowledge, you can remember the words of the Lord by heart and preach it to others effectively.


The gift of Mercy is drawn to those who can sympathize with other people. They have the skill to assist those who have lost their way back to God. Christians are known to be merciful people because they know that God is also merciful towards them and His children.


This is a spiritual gift in the Bible that is special and rare. You can understand the revelations of the Church and see that God is with the Church.

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